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About Us

Welcome to Taste Savant!


Taste Savant is a highly curated restaurant discovery site and app designed to help YOU, the savvy diner, decide where to eat out.  We curate and aggregate reviews from people you trust including your friends, restaurant critics, bloggers, chefs, and others who know about food.   


On top of reviews, we are also a one-stop shop for you to access all the restaurant info you care about: menus, reservations, and delivery. So now you don't have to go to multiple sites and sources to make your plans on where you want to eat.  


Now that you’re in the know, go ahead and give it a whirl! Begin your search at Taste Savant and see what your friends are saying, what the critics are saying, reserve a spot through OpenTable, decide what dishes are the tastiest, and get $ off your bill through our dining deals. All organized for you on one great site. 


We have big plans to cover more restaurants and provide you with even more useful features – so be sure to come back and check us out often! If you have any questions or feedback, shoot us a note at


Tastefully Yours,

The Taste Savant Team


ALSO, we're hiring. If you're interested in an internship (editorial and marketing), or a technical position, email us at  




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